Ogre Flow - Particle Editor


It's hard to create particle effects in Ogre3D engine without seeing the final results in real-time. Going back and forth and re-launching the engine every time after making one or couple of corrections to the particle scripts is non-intuitive. So I decided to write a simple Ogre particle configuration editor to remedy this problem. I present you - OgreFlow - an Ogre3D engine particle effects(FX) editor. It's basic and not as complete as the commercial ones, e.g. Particle Universe particle editor, but it's completely free to use with all Ogre 1.7 functions enabled! It should be enough to access all the standard Ogre particle effect parameters.
Current version:
 OgreFlow with full C# source code hosted @Github, download: here
Main features:
  • Can edit all standard Ogre 1.7.x particle parameters (uses Mogre)
  • WYSIWYG style editing
  • Ability to export created systems to Ogre ".particle" script format
  • Multi-system multi-emitter systems can be created
  • Simple user interface 
  • Easy to read/modify/customize XML file formats
  • Ability to include different & own materials
  • Microsoft .NET framework installed. 
  • Ogre capable graphics card
  1. Run the Flow.exe inside the 'bin/Release' directory.
  2. At startup select your Ogre render window configuration (to change next time - delete "ogre.cfg" file)
  3. Add a particle system & an emitter to start crafting effects 
  4. Enjoy! If you find any bugs, please report them to: qverdi [et] hotmail [dot] com
Known bugs:

  1. Error when inserting particle system after couple of resets using File->New
  2. Some emitter markers are left after deleting/reseting the scene.
  3. Windows 7 x64 crash while launching the application (need to use Mogre x64 libraries)


Rain & fountain example
Waterfall, simple fire & snow example

Dense smoke example